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Corbin Hunter

Managing Director

Corbin lives in Hastings, Michigan, which has been named "one of the 100 Best Small Towns in America". He is a student at the local High School, in the 12th grade. He intends to attend college for Web Development and IT after graduating.

Currently in his 4th year of being in Business Professionals of America, Corbin is the current chapter President, and served as communications officer from 2016 to 2018. While in BPA, Corbin has earned 1st place for three events and 2nd place in two events at the regional competition, and has gone to the State Leadership Conference three times, placing as a finalist in web design at the state competition.

In his spare time Corbin likes to read, game, and hangout with friends. Some of his favorite books are The Inheritance Cycle, Inkheart, Elantris, and The Forgotten Realms. You can catch him playing Eco, The Elder Scrolls Online, and many RPG or Strategy games.